Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Halloween Collectibles As a child, I adored Halloween–the costumes, the revelry, the trick or treating–it was all such great fun. I was in a rural area so going from house to house meant going in the car!

Our little church would have a party for the kids, which included homemade costumes, bobbing for apples, our Mothers made fudge, Carmel apples, Cookies, hot cocoa, apple cider, and we as kids were so excited to get be together and have a fun time.

Halloween is that one exciting night a year when a person experiences fear, fantasy, and mystery at the same time. Decorations add to the ambiance and each year the decorations get more and more elaborate.

I always went as a Little Imp, it was my moniker! It stuck with me forever. I was and still am very mischievous! Not bad just full of piss & vinegar as my Daddy always said.


Halloween is considered pagan by some people, we went to church every Sunday, that included Sunday school, and my Mother was very involved in the church, and a Sunday School Teacher.

I was never taught anything about it being Pagan, it was a fun filled, pretend to be someone else for a change, day. Seeing neighbors, being scared, treats, dressing up, going to a party, all the fun things that any holiday would imply.

Halloween has its roots in an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, celebrating the end of summer. These pagan celebrations were adapted by the Catholic Church as All Souls Day and All Saints Day. The night before All Saints Day would be called “All Hallows Eve,” then “Halloween. Victorians made Halloween a genteel holiday about romance, parlor games, and child’s play. Even ghost stories, were told to add to the fun.


There was a time when Halloween was not about gruesome monsters, zombies, and serial killers. Halloween was a night for “merry-making” as they called it. Halloween was about tricks and treats. Vintage Halloween is making a strong comeback.

You can see the influence in today’s Halloween art, collectibles, party goods and even our happy home mavens like Martha Stewart and Matthew Mead have adopted the style, Vintage

Space Helmets

Because so many of us have fond memories of Halloween, collecting vintage Halloween items is getting to be a very popular thing these days.

Where are the best places to find vintage Halloween toys? You can sometimes find items at garage sales, estate sales, and auctions (both online and live auctions) as well.

Halloween is highly collectible today from advertising art to party goods and it’s quickly disappearing. Let’s take a look at Halloween from years past and enjoy a little holiday merry-making.


The most beautiful and most collected Halloween postcards were published by John O. Winsch of New York between the years of 1911 and 1915.

John O Winsch

One of the most popular candle manufacturers of vintage Halloween candles was the Gurley Candle Company. Empire Plastics Corp is one of the Blow Mold companies that made its mark with Halloween, along with Union.


The purpose of making a great racket on this occasion was originally to drive away the creatures of cold, darkness, death and decay which were the frightening realities of winter to our pagan ancestors.

Nosie Makers

Here are some examples of Sold on Ebay Collectibles!

EX: Vintage Fitz And floyd Japan Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Pitcher Coffee Pot

Sold $60.75 15 bids

FF Ghost

RARE NOS Vintage German Die Cut Diecut Halloween Diadems in Orig. Bag Skull Cat
Sold $3,049.16
16 Bids


Dept 56- RARE Halloween Large Head Ceramic Google Eyes Candy Bowl
Sold $330.00
Bids 14


Sold $318.99

FF Halloween Owl

96 Halloween The Munsters Monsters Salt and Pepper Shakers
Sold $51.00
Bids 22


Sold $109.99
Bids 1

Haunted house

In conclusion, I could fill up this page with the Halloween items I have sold. I will never purchase anything with damage, because collections will always want as close to excellent condition as possible.

Ebay Scores Barware Decanters Glasses Ice Buckets Low Balls High Balls

Are you a fan of old movies? Remember the elegant cocktail parties and how everyone was dressed to the nines; women wore chiffon, satin, sequined, silk, and rhinestones on their cocktail dresses. The men were always Black Tie Optional or Formal, men were always dressed in a suit. Was there anything more glamorous than Hollywood during the 1920s-70s?

This set of stemware has the color of Amberina on the bowls. The bowls screw into the farberware metal stems. Paid $5.00 Sold $95.00


This is an Art Deco Penguin Ice Bucket! Paid $5.00 Sold for $65.00


100_6966Take a moment and imagine you’re a guest at an elegant Hollywood cocktail party, what do you see? I see vintage glassware, vintage barware pieces, shakers, pitchers, jiggers, muddlers, stirrers, trays and decanters.


These cocktail glasses cost me $3.00 Sold for $55.00

MR BARTENDER SET 2This was an awesome find – brand new in original box Paid $5.00 Sold $55.00

Many people love the retro pieces of times gone by, people are returning to those times. Know someone who has a stylish bar in their home, or man cave. Mad Men has helped to rejuvenate the desire for such a place in the home.

This Antique Car Decanter was in the original box, never used Paid $7.00 Sold $95.00


Many of the Vintage Barware items can be elegant, stylish, and from the art deco period. Later, the pieces varied and my favorite are the pieces with humor and whimsy!

This little antique measure is a whimsical little guy. Paid $.50 Sold $29.99

man shot glass (2)

Fire1This beautiful old Fire Engine was a nice find at an Estate Sale – Paid $5.00 Sold $95.00

I have always sought the period pieces of Barware that survived the years, from any period of time, as long they fell in the genre of vintage and antique!

This Dorothy Thorpe Set was also found at an Estate Sale! Paid $8.00 Sold $95.00


DOROTHY THORPE (4)This Dorothy Thorpe set of 6 Roly Poly Glasses on a wooden tray was purchased at a fleamarket for $3.00 and Sold for $130.00

I have sold many a piece on Ebay over the years!

100_7182This piece was a real steal, this beautiful bell decanter was discovered in a hoarders basement at an Estate Sale. It was so dark down there, that I could barely see. I had to climb over tons of stuff to get to the shelf it lived on. When I picked it up, I knew it was baccarat crystal. It cost me $5.00 and sold for $175.00.





 These beautiful pieces were great BOLO items for me. Georges Briard Cocktail Glasses, Fire extinguisher decanter, West Virginia Song Birds Cocktail Shaker and glasses!

How do you like your Martini? “Shaken not Stirred,”



Mottahedeh Musee Des Arts Pot De Creme Underplate Embossed Floral 6pc Ebay Score

3pc Sets of Mottahedeh Musee Des Arts Pot De Creme with Underplate


Maker/Mark(s): Mottahedeh

Pattern/Mold/Model No: Musee Des Arts – Pot De Creme with Underplate

Main Color(s): White

Condition: In excellent previously owned condition. With No Chips, Cracks, or Repairs.

Approximate Measurements: All together 4″ Tall, Plate (alone): 5″ Diameter, Cup (alone): 2″ without lid, 3 1/2″ with lid, 2 3/4″ diameter

Material: Porcelain

This exquisite 3 piece set of creamware is in fabulous condition. This listing includes 2 – 3 piece sets, for a total of 6 pieces of this fabulous porcelain. Only 1 of the Pots de Creme has the Mottahedeh label affixed to the base, the other Pots de Creme and both underplates are stamped ITALY in blue.

The design is embossed flowers or floral, the lids have an applied rosebud & leaves finial, the pots de cremes have a twig stem handle. Isn’t it time for a spot of tea?

The Seller says: “I paid $5.98 for both 3pc sets, so it was a great score for me especially considering I didn’t have to pay shipping out of it.”


Mottahedeh & Company is in NY. They have been commissioned to made china for the President of the United States, the U.S. State Department and the Diplomatic Corps!

Mottahedeh is the recognized leader in antique reproductions and specializes in Chinese Export porcelain and early European porcelain

The qualities that distinguish Mottahedeh porcelains are a large selection of complex shapes produced in small quantities, clarity of body both in bright white and historic gray body, and delicate, bold, and complex colors

Creamware, called “Queensware” by its inventor Josiah Wedgwood, was extremely popular in England, the Continental and the Colonies. The fine-grained white bodied earthenware was a less costly alternative to porcelain and far more elegant than most ordinary potteries of the period

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Romany Cup of Fortune Art Deco 1930′s Fortune Telling Tea Leaf Cup Vintage Ebay Score

fortune telling cup (2) This novelty item was made by the Creative Art Products Co. in the 1930′s. Rendered in the popular ’30′s Art Deco style, the cup is rather wide, 4″, and is decorated on the inside with various cards. One the bottom is the Joker surrounded by numbers. Along the inside upper rim are the words “Romany Cup Of Fortune”, interspersed with 2 stars and 2 crescent moon/stars. The cup is in awesome condition – the cards are vivid in color. This is a very nice gift for the person who has everything. 2.5″ Tall x 4″ diameter

Paid .25 Sold $51.00

fortune telling cup (3)

Have you ever had or wanted to have your fortune read? So much fun, so mysterious, so tantalizing, so alluring, it makes your heart pound wondering, what are you going to hear?

Fortune telling that interprets patterns in tea leaves or coffee grounds is called Tasseography! Did you know that in some countries wine sediments are also read? That is a new one for me.

I don’t know about you, but I love finding anything mystical or magical! I just know there is someone out there just like me, and that the item will find a good home.

I have been lucky enough to find 2 different cups over the years. Both were big scores for me on Ebay! Did you know there are 3 common types of cups to seek;  the Zodiac cup, the Playing Card cup, and Symbol Cups. Most have saucers; some of the saucers have symbols on them.  I have been lucky enough to find 2 of the 3.

fortune telling cup

As you can see in the pictures, this one represents the Playing Cards with tiny images of a deck of cards scattered all over. To begin the fortune telling ritual, the drinker must first drink all the liquid, leaving a small amount to mix in with the grinds. It is this sediment left at the bottom of the cup that will be used for fortune telling.


1960 Daddy’s Girl doll found at Yard Sale Ebay Score

 Ideal Doll (2)

The Eb*yMommy  says the following about her find: 

My daughter was 7, I believe… I had a few things in a pile to buy and the woman at theyard sale said “You should have your mom buy that doll for you!” I was thinking ” Be quiet! I don’t want to take that hideous thing home….” Plus she wanted $8 for it. Yikes.

She then told my daughter that it was a very old doll that is from the 60′s.. My ears perked up and I decided to buy it. Once I researched a little bit about it, I figured that I might be able to get about $100 for it. I listed it and it got bids right away. I also had people emailing me asking to “give a buy-it-now” price. I stuck to my guns, let the auction play out, and it ended at just over $800 if I remember correctly. Crazy!

She was so creepy standing there naked. She was taller than my daughter! I had tohide her in a box during the week she was listed because she freaked my kids out.

Daddy's Girl doll

Daddy’s Girl doll

The Daddy’s Girl doll was made from 1959 – 1962, Vinyl Head with rooted hair, bright cheek color, with jointed waist. In 1959 Ideal started the PlayPal collection. Daddy’s Girl doll was popular  with the girls  because she was the same size as the children playing with her, standing at 35”.

Patti gained popularity with the children because they could dress her in their own clothes. Daddy’s Girl doll life-like hair could be styled just like their own.

Pattie was designed and sculpted by Neil Estern ( who designed the FDR memorial in Washington DC. His wife designed the original Daddy’s Girl doll outfits.

 The 1st Daddy’s Girl doll had twistable wrists, strung joints, and did not walk.

Patti wasmade with Brunette Hair, Blonde Hair, and there was also a Redheaded Patti. Rare hair colors are Platinum and Red with different hair styles. The most common Patti had long straight medium blonde hair with bangs.

Ideal Dolls were a household name for millions of American girls growing up in the 20th century. So many girls received Ideal dolls as Christmas and Birthday gifts. How exciting to open the doll of your dreams on Christmas morning, many of us never knowing that our doll was made by Ideal. Did you receive a Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Bonnie Braids, Saucy Walker, Betsy McCall, Toni, Betsy Wetsy, Miss Revlon, Thumbelina, Flatsys and many others, or a Patti Playpal doll? If so, you don’t have to be a doll collector to know you received an Ideal doll! 

Ideal had a great many licensed character dolls and some of the most talented sculptors like Bernard Lipfert to create the most iconic dolls of its time.

Ideal dolls were popular from the 1940’s through the 1970’s, many of which are highly sought after by Doll Collectors.

Ideal made many changes in their materials over the years:

First came the composition Era (sawdust & glue) during this time they made 200 different dolls from this material.  The 1st being the “Yellow Kid”

After World War II Ideal moved to a hard plastic material and finally the vinyl.

In 1970, the doll market declined; today Doll Collectors (many Baby Boomers) are seeking the doll they never received.

Some facts about the Idea Toy Co

        Original Name – Ideal Novelty & Toy Company located in New York in 1907

       Name Changed to Ideal Toy Company in 1938

    1982 the company was purchased by CBS Toy Co 

     1987 CBS sold the company to View-master International aka View-Master Ideal View Master Ideal was later purchased by Tyco Toys, Inc

PS: Ideal also made Rubik’s Cube and Magic 8-ball manufactured by Mattel

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Steiff Cha Cha Panda Bear Mother with Baby Plush Original Mohair Danbury Mint Ebay Score

Steiff Cha Cha Panda Bear Mother with Baby Plush Original Mohair Danbury Mint
Mint with tags


Steiff Cha Cha and Baby panda bears
The mother sits about 8 1/2″ tall
Very clean ~ no flaws; no box

The Eb*yMommy  says the following about her find:
Here is a Steiff Panda I sold for $250. I found it at a thrift shop for 99 cents”

Meet Cha Cha & Baby! She’s a beautiful Steiff panda – and a brand new mum! Cradling her baby tenderly, she’s proud to show her little bundle of joy to the world!
Cha Cha the Panda and her baby have all the hallmarks of a genuine hand-crafted Steiff creation. Admire their lustrous black and white fur – it’s made of genuine mohair, the beautiful and valuable coat of the Angora goat. Just look at Cha Cha’s bright brown eyes simply glowing with pride. And, of course, snuggled safely in her arms is that precious little baby… a perfect miniature of his doting mother. They’re a truly irresistible pair! Mother and her baby proudly wear their distinctive “button-in-ear” tags.

Steiff bear facts
1) The world’s oldest bear is 96 years old, and is worth £100,000. He lives in Germany and was labeled a ‘Teddy bear’ after US President Theodore Roosevelt, who was an avid bear hunter.
2) In 1912, a black bear was commissioned as a mark of respect after the Titanic tragedy.
3) The most valuable bear is called Teddy Girl and sold at Christies in London for £110,000 in 1994. It is owned by Japanese toy company boss Yoshihiro Sekiguchi.
4) The collectable bears cost around £150 each, their valuable is decreased if the ear button is removed.
5) In 1902 in Giengen an der Brenz, northwest of Augsburg in Germany, the first teddy bear was created by Richard Steiff, a bear-admirer working in his Aunt Margarete’s toy factory.
6) The drawing of Pooh bear was based on the illustrator E. H. Shepard’s son’s Steiff bear, called Growler.
7) A miniature 1950s bear called Theodore, which, at only 31/2in tall and reputed to be one of the tiniest teddies ever.
8) Steiff bears were given swivel limbs to make them easy to cuddle a protruding black snout and leather or felt pads on their paws. Many had a humped back and some had stomachs fitted with a growler box.
9) In 1908, the Grand Duke of Russia bought a red Steiff bear for his daughter, Princess Xenia Georgievna, which she called Alfonzo. In 1989 it was sold at Christie’s for the then record figure of £12,100.
10) The bear’s popularity can be traced to when the famous Washington Post cartoonist Clifford Berryman drew the cartoon ‘Drawing the line in Mississippi’ which was a comment on a border dispute the President was trying to resolve. The bear became known as Teddy’s Bear and Berryman featured a bear cub in all future cartoons involving the president.

Vintage Sealed TDK 4 SA-C90 Cassette Tapes 1979 Stackable Storage Cabinet Unused Ebay Score

Vintage Sealed TDK 4 SA-C90 Cassette Tapes 1979 Stackable Storage Cabinet Unused Ebay


Score Sold for: US $129.97  Paid $3.00

Vintage 1979 sealed & unopened TDK 4 SA-C90′s cassette tapes and stackable storage cabinet It holds 15 cassette tapes “Attractive design compliments any home entertainment center!” The cabinet measures about 12 1/8″ x 5 3/4″ x 3 1.2″ Some of the shrink wrap is torn

The Seller states: I bought it at an estate sale for $3. I listed it at auction, $49.99 starting bid. No action! I then listed it for Fixed Price, $129.97. It sold for full price two days later. YAY!

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Baby Boomers grew up listening to Cassette Tapes, and guess what they are making a comeback. Hope you took your cassette deck with you when you moved out of Mom’s house. Yes there is a side 1 and side 2 and you actually had to flip them to hear both sides. The demand is actually increasing, thus companies that made them are looking to manufacture them again. For many years the cassette tape was facing extinction, but the cassette tape is capturing the imagination of music fans again. There music fans that are indeed devoted to their cassettes. The nostalgia of them is related to a sentimental longing for the past, which excludes a fond memory of a place, time, person, etc….

So what do you think; is this what is making us pause and rewind!!!!


Disney Bear Mickey Bear Duffy Hidden Mickey Teddy Bears Always an Ebay Score


Blue Disney 17″ Hidden Mickey Bear – Pre-Duffy with Tags & Hologram Book Plush

Paid $3.90 – Sold $1,083.00

This adorable BLUE HIDDEN MICKEY is the hard to find Theme Park edition – exclusively sold at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. He measures approximately 17″ tall and has light blue shaggy fur. Attached is the original booklet that has a holgram on the front. If you look at it one way, you will see Mickey hugging his bear. If you look at it the other way, you will see the back of Mickey with the bear’s face on his shoulder. The booklet tells the story of “The Disney Bear”. Also attached is the original tush tag. He is in MINT condition – the only flaw I can see is a tiny pinhole in the booklet – like maybe from a price tag? There are no stains or smells – he looks like he just came from the Park!

White Duffy

DISNEY Plush HIDDEN MICKEY 2007 White NYC Duffy Teddy BEAR

Paid less than $5.00

Sold $399.99

Adorable white sparkly plush Hidden Mickey from 2007. He is wearing a red tshirt that says “NYC New York City 2007″. He measures approximately 15″ tall. He has his original tush tag – but not the store tag. He is in MINT condition with no stains or tears. Comes from a smoke free home

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A Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction or other items from Disneyland or Disney World. The most common Hidden Mickey is three circles conjoined to make a silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse.  Hidden Mickey’s can take on many different formations and can be found in the Disney Theme Parks, Films, TV shows, hidden in architecture, attractions in the parks, Disney Resorts, Buildings, T-shirts, and other Disney related products, etc. The Olympic Circles made a hidden Mickey.  Current Hidden Mickey’s can take on different shapes, sizes, outfits, accessories and forms.

The original “Disney Bear” came in a multitude of colors, and a hidden Mickey of lighter fur around his eyes and muzzle.While Duffy comes in Beige, Browns, etc…

 This information brings us to the reason for this article; Hidden Mickey Teddy Bears!  Here is the one of the stories about the Hidden Mickey Bear: The Tokyo version:

Hidden Mickey

One day, as Mickey was about to set sail for one of his long adventures, Minnie thought he should have a special keepsake to remind him how much he was loved while he was out at sea. Mickey is Minnie’s favorite mouse, so she gave him a teddy bear she had hand-made with her whole heart.

Minnie wrote a rosy “Bon Voyage!” message and carefully dropped it into a small glass bottle. She gently tied the little bottle round the bear’s petite neck, capped it with a cork and sealed it with a kiss for luck. Voila!

Minnie presented the bear to Mickey at the pier by the old lighthouse on a blustery day. Mickey smiled brightly, and placed the teddy lovingly into his duffel bag. “I’ll call you Duffy!” And the two were off to begin a wonder-full journey

Duffy appeared in Mickey’s dream, wearing a sailor’s uniform and smiling. The happy little bear opened Minnie’s message in the bottle and showed it to Mickey: “DEAR MICKEY, THIS BEAR IS MEANT TO BRING YOU LOTS OF HAPPINESS AND LUCK. LOVE, Minnie”

Mickey smiled in his sleep, and awoke feeling totally reenergized and cheerful.

Mysteriously, upon waking, Mickey found Minnie’s message in his own hand! But he was sure that it had been in the bottle and sealed tight when he fell asleep! Not only that, but somehow Duffy had got dressed and was wearing the very same sailor’s uniform from the dream!

When Mickey returned home from his voyage, he told Minnie and his friends about his surprising and inspiriting dream come true. They all agreed, but Goofy said it best: “Gawrsh, that Duffy sure is one special teddy bear!”

Everyone wanted one of Minnie’s special Duffy bears. So she did her best to make them, one by one, for all of her friends. The waiting list was so long; Duffy was just too popular! There were too many orders, and Minnie couldn’t keep up.

So her friends said, “We’ll help, Minnie!” And they all worked together, Minnie and all of her friends, making the lovely teddy bears. Each one charmed with a message in a bottle from the heart – we can’t forget that!

A lot of people love Duffy now… From children to princesses, to adventurers and explorers like Mickey. Everyone feels happier when Duffy’s around! People especially love taking photos with Duffy. They say when anyone sees these pictures, the smiles in the portrait overflow to the viewer! When snapping photographs of cherished memories, you always find your warmest, brightest smile when you’re with the bear of happiness and luck!

There’s even a rumor that sometimes you can find Duffy by himself, strolling along the pier in his sailor uniform, perhaps returning from his own adventures… But how can this be?! He’s just a teddy bear, right? Nobody understands it, but you should try to meet him yourself! Can you think of a new adventure for you and Duffy? Then you’ll be saying, too, “That Duffy sure is one special teddy bear!” 

In the United States there is another tale to be told of the Hidden Mickey Bear. When he 1st appeared in the US in 2002, he was known only as the “Disney Bear” he was recognizable because of the “Hidden Mickey’s” on his face, feet and the Mickey shaped “birthmark” on his backside to the left of his tail. Thus the US version of the story is as follows:

Mickey was lonely throughout his travels and Tinkerbell sprinkled pixie dust on Mickey’s Bear to bring him to life so Mickey would have a friend thus not feeling lonely. Mickey loved this bear so much that he hugged and hugged him, he hugged him so tight that Mickey left a permanent imprint on the bears face.

Duffy aka Hidden Mickey Bear is in no way your ordinary stuffed Teddy Bear, he is Mickey Mouse’s bear and he represents Mickey’s ownership with his Mickey imprints.


By winter 2005, the popular bear Duffy had been turned into a full-fledged meet and greet character at the parks. These bears sold well right up to 2005 when Japan re-branded the “Disney Bear” and he became “Duffy the Disney Bear”!

Thus Hidden Mickey Bears sold before 2004 are often described as Pre-Duffy! Pre-Duffy is quite a collectible and can sell for 4 figures for the right color and Disney collector. 

Duffy made his official debut at Disney California Adventure Park on October 14, 2010.

The original “Disney Bear” came in a multitude of colors, and a hidden Mickey of lighter fur around his eyes and muzzle. While Duffy comes in Beige, Browns, etc..


Guess what; in February 2010 Disney introduced a friend for Duffy!  Duffy became lonely when they arrived home from their voyages. Mickey spent his time with Minnie and Duffy needed a friend, so Minnie made him a bear named ShellieMay, she wears a heart shaped seashell pendant that Duffy gave her. She is a dusty rose color, and she has Mickey marks on her as well, her birthmark on her backside is opposite from Duffy’s.

Duffy & Shellie May

Tiki Collecting Why it is important to shop for Tiki items Ebay Score

Tiki often refers to large wood and stone carvings of humanoid forms created by island cultures of the Pacific Ocean.  Tiki items have become highly sought after and highly collectible.  Tiki refers to more than the large wood and stone carvings now a days. There things like Tiki Mugs, Tiki Torches, Netting for decoration, Masks, Shields, Musical Instruments (Ukuleles), anything Hula Girl, Pineapple, Parrot & Palm Tree Motif items, lamps, clothing (shirts, muumuu’s) Bamboo Curtains, Tiki Bars, menus, coasters, plates, ashtrays, advertizing, vintage patterned material, banners, pendants, drink stirrers, shell jewelry, and numerous other items. Alas, do not forget the fine art of ephemera, postcards, matchbooks, sheet music and advertising of any kind.

The collectors are looking for just the right item to add to their Tiki Bars, Beach Houses, Collections, etc…..Currently some of the most valued and sought after items in this genre include items from famous tiki bars and restaurants that have since closed their establishments.

The craze includes times past such as 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s. Collectors love the kitschy relics from times past, as much as the Nostalgic Christmas collector.

Tiki can be considered a Theme collectible. The Tiki mug is of course one of the most popular items out there, most of them originating from themed bars and restaurants. Collectors have shelves of them adorning their in-home Man Caves and bars. Some use them for tropical drinks, others just admire them.


I found a very unusual one a few years ago with a hula girl embossed on it, marked Made in Hawaii. I paid $3.00 for it and it sold on Ebay for $86.00. Boy was I surprised!

I have sold Tommy Bahama Shirts with coconut buttons, many different Tiki Mugs, and lately I purchased a Wooden Lazy Susan at an Estate Sale for $3.00, it was grimy, dirty, sticky, and all around nasty. I looked to make sure that all the pieces were there, and took it home with me. Hey, it had a Pineapple on top!!! Pineapple means Welcome!!! I loved it and decided for $3.00 I could give it a go on Ebay. I washed and cleaned and cleaned it some more. When I finished I realized it was intricately carved and the wood was so beautiful, who would not want this, it had the “Wow Factor” going for it. I listed it on Ebay with the following information:

Vintage Monkey Pod Hand Carved 3 Tier Luau Tiki Pineapple Design Lazy Susan

Tiki Lazy Susan (7)

The pineapple has served as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome through the history of the Americas This piece was purchased from an Estate Sale. I believe this a Monkey Pod wood, with beautiful grains in the wood.

I have given this a cursory cleaning, but it could use more.

Each round centerpiece has been carved with musk oxen, mountains, and other symbols.

Appears to be handmade….

If you having a luau this is the bomb! The pineapple on top has the 6 poi utensils -serving pieces which made the top of the pineapple

The piece assembled is 26” Tall

The top round is 8” diameter

The middle serving tray has 4 removable trays, and is 12” diameter

The Bottom Serving Tray has 4 larger serving bowls and is 16” diameter

This is pre-owned, but is in wonderful condition, considering its age. It assembles easily, every piece just slides off the center pole and slides back on.

This is vintage, pre-owned, and is not a new or machine manufactured item; it has its own distinctive handmade faux paux’s (minor mistakes on the making of this item)

Tiki Lazy Susan (3)

Sold it for $75.00

Who doesn’t love the ocean, sand, beach, tropical drinks, and a taste of paradise? As Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson sing…..

“It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere”

Pour me somethin’ tall an’ strong, Make it a “Hurricane” before I go insane. It’s only half-past twelve but I don’t care. He don’t care. I don’t care. It’s five o’clock somewhere


Never ever, over look a Tiki item, you never know it could be very, very collectible.


Budweiser Budman Beer Stein No Knot in Bow Tie Yard Sale Ebay Score

Saturday’s are my work days since I am an online seller. Every week we plan a route and head in that direction. We hit the places on our list, plus stop at any yard sales, estate sales, moving sales on the way. We were driving to one of the places on our list that was in a rural area, when we see 2 small children on the edge of the road with some items laying the grass. We stopped and my husband was looking at the stuff, while joking with the kids. He comes over to me and shows me a Beer Stein, I nod my head yes and he asks – How much? They said .50…..Sold it

When we get in the truck, he says to me why did you act so funny when I showed you the stein? Well, this was a score to behold. He had found a Budman Budweiser Stein. I knew that it was a 1st run.

Fifty cents, unbelievable! I could not grasp that I had paid .50 for this stein. This is one of the most controversial Beer Steins made. It has been said that there are 5 variations on this beer stein.

The Head is either Hollow or Solid! When the head is raised and it is smooth and flat it is Solid! When the head is raised and the inside is concave with a plastic plug inside it is Hollow!

Thumb lift Fleur-de-lis — resembles the fleur-de-lis pattern 3 Finger – looks like 3 fingers placed together Fancy – resembles the  fleur-de-lis pattern, but is not ornate

Bow Tie Some have knots, but others do not

Colors Bright Red to Light Orange Blue goes from light to very dark Flesh tones vary from light to very dark

CS1 Hollow head, fleur-de-lis thumblift, no knot in bow tie, normal colors, no trademark symbol The 1st run of these Steins omitted the ® to represent a registered trademark

So when you find one of these Budweiser Steins look for the details, see which version you have, of course the 1st is the most desirable.

Well ladies and gents, that is exactly what I had, the 1st version! WooooooooooHoooooooooooo!

I listed him on Ebay and stated the facts, he was in perfect condition, no damage, no crazing, no cracks, no chips. I paid .50 and sold him $275.00