Vintage Renwal 1960 Visible V-8 Engine Model Kit Motorized Ebay Score

Bygoneoldies is one of the members on my private forum for online Sellers She has been gracious enough to share an awesome Ebay Score she had!

I am sure that by now most of you have heard of The Treasure Hunters Cove paid forum for eBay and Amazon sellers. What you might not know ; is the added benefits of belonging to this wonderful group. One of the benefits that my husband (yes, spouses are welcome) and I enjoy is the yearly cookout held the first part of August at one of the founders lovely home in Maryland.  They arrange for discounts at the local hotels.  From the time you arrive in the town you are treated like royalty.  Carolyn provides every meal from breakfast to dinner to snacks in-between.  Carolyn is known for her wonderful cooking! Everything that Carolyn and Mel know about eBay and Amazon is shared freely.  The discussions are so enlightening with everyone in attendance joining in.  I have sold on eBay for years but every time I am around these fine folks I learn something new.

As if this isn’t enough, there are also shopping trips planned.  One day we visited several stores searching for (and finding) new items for Amazon. The next it was yard sale day….boy do they have the yard sales!  And the next we spend visiting the local thrift stores.  Let me tell you I have NEVER seen thrift stores like these.  Below are just two of the scores that we made from just one of the thrifts.

This one sold at auction.  A bidding war started soon after it was listed and it finished at $170.50 without the box top.  I purchased it for $5.90. She received 17 bids! Here is her description: This visible V8 engine kit was made by the Renwal Co in the 1960′s. I do not have the top part of the box or any of the paper work. What you will receive is what you see. None of the sections of parts has been opened so I believe that everything needed to build the kit is here. Someone has held the sections to the back of the box with clear packing tape, I will leave the removal of this up to the new owner. A caption on the box reads that This Magnificent Model Duplicates The Action of the Real Engine. If you are looking for a kit to build this one is for you.

Please visit her store at

I will be posting her 2nd score in another worthy article!




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