Twas the Last Quarter before an Amazon Christmas!

Twas the last quarter before an Amazon Christmas
And all through my house
The merchandise for FBA
Was stacked to the ceiling, I had an unhappy spouse!

No room for quests, the merchandise was stacked in their beds
While visions of sales danced in my head
I purchased bar codes, brown boxes, and said
All I do is dream of removing labels while trying to rest in bed

Stacks of receipts, unopened bags from Saks, Macys, Gumps and such
Were proof that I had shopped; way, way too much
My pets were nestled all snug in their beds,
While the visions of the house being cleaned up danced in their heads!!

And I at my computer was ready to drop
From listing on Amazon, with more photos to crop
Alas, Christmas was here and such was my lot
Oh No, my friends, my family, I’d almost forgot!!

Had I not been busy with listings, shipping, and printing Amazon labels
I would not have forgotten to shop;
For the people who would grace my Christmas Table
While others had shopped from their hearts
I’d spent time working and not using my smarts

While I was fussing and fuming about my insensitive over sight
I received an email from Amazon Prime, now that’s an idea, I can remedy my plight
I grabbed my list and I knew then, what to do,
I turned and made a mad dash, to the computer I flew

I came to my senses, to my computer I ran,
I had my answer, now to formulate the plan
2 day shipping through Amazon Prime
I had to hurry; I was running out of time

With my hands on the keyboard, my fingers they flew, tick tock went the clock
Lego’s, Dolls, Bears, Cameras, some mittens for the kittens, and a pet rock
After 2 hours, I had completed my list
Boy was I grateful, finally some much needed BLISS!
I jumped up and down, I felt so much better,
I had even purchased; an Ugly Christmas Sweater!!!!

The emails from Ebay have been few, far and between
But the emails from Amazon FBA sales, they have been extreme
I made all my purchases, and knew they would arrive quick
I have covered all my friends and family, I knew I had been slick

2 days later, when out on the lawn, I heard such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what, was the matter
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But an overstuffed sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

Up to the front door the reindeer they flew
With a sleigh full of gifts and St Nicholas too
He exclaimed that he was at Amazon filling his sleigh
That he could drop off my gifts while on his way

He gave me a warning, with a wink and a kiss
Don’t wait so long next year, miss!!!
But alas, should you forget,
Use Amazon Prime, and you won’t regret
So the presents are wrapped, the tree is up and I am all through
My hats off to Amazon and Fullfillment too!

Listen carefully on Christmas Eve night
For “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Written by Carolyn Pritchett